Beats & Songs For Sale

Our BeatĀ  & Song composition sellers are preparing for launch in the meantime if you are a Beat Producer or Songwriter looking to sell your tracks please sign up below

To be eligible to sell licences for your beats &/or song compositions your audio must be registered for distribution with Creature Sound Records. If your audio is registered with another provider we can perform a free transfer. Creature Sound Records will take a 15% royalty cut from the sale and licence agreement. But we will perform free publishing administration as long as the contract is in term.
You will retain all copyrights and royalty rights. ensuring you are paid your composition royalties even after the purchase has been made by the buyer.
Your audio will be protected by content ID and you can negotiate with your buyer for extensions, length of terms, stream rates etc. In fact some of the licence purchases couldĀ  lead to long term collaborations between artists if they wished to do so
All files must contain 100% original material with no uncleared samples or sound effects.
Please use this form to enter your details and we will provide you with a sellers contract to sign after review.