Q: What kind of guitars does Creature Custom build?
A: The custom refurbished range - Refurbished preloved guitars 
The production range - A selection of  Creature Custom designs built on demand and hand crafted to the creature specifications available on each model
The bespoke range - your unique dreams and ideas brought to life by our skilled craftsman

Q: How much do Creature guitars cost?
A: The custom refurbished range prices are advertised on the Creature Custom page of this site when they become available
The production range prices are also advertised in on the page when new designs are made. (If you want different hardware in these guitars it may come at an additional cost.)
The bespoke range will be priced according to the materials and hardware you choose. If you are unsure of the materials you want send us an email with your idea or a sketch we can get back to you with different material options for comparison

Q: How long does it take to make?
A: The Custom refurbished guitars are available as soon as they are put up on the website
The production range takes around 10 weeks they are lovingly crafted by hand to the Creature Custom template specs with stock already on site. The Bespoke custom orders take 4 to 5 months depending on demand  (remember they are lovingly built by hand from solid wood pieces and well worth the wait.)

Q: Can I try before I buy?
A: The custom refurbish range are available to view and try at our Creature Custom shop in Tredegar *subject to Covid 19 restrictions. The production range does sell out quite quickly but if we have one built and in store you are more than welcome subject to Covid restrictions

Q: What about quality control?
A: Because our guitars are hand crafted by our luthiers and not factory reproductions. We can ensure that everything has been tried tested and measured until it is perfect even though every guitar will have it's own unique character. Our luthiers take great pride in their work and if its not right they'd rather put it down and start again, than pass it to a customer as defective piece. We also store the wood in a controlled environment and use top of the range moisture meters throughout the process to ensure your body and neck will not be prone to, bending, splits or cracks.

Q Do you provide guitar repair and setups?
A: Absolutely! Guitar repairs need to be diagnosed individually so give us and email and we'll call you back. Are standard cleaning and setup fees are £40.