Q: How do order my vinyl form you?
A: Go to the Creature Custom page on this site. Select your single disc or bundle pack. Use the drop down menu to select colours and covers. Go to the checkout (Our website will add you postage after you submit your details. Pay at the check out. Next use a free file transfer service such as ' We Transfer' or 'Dropbox' to email us the following: Your tracks, label art work, cover artwork, (if applicable) IRSC and barcodes. 
You do not have to send all of the files on the same day you can upload them as you get them but please ensure you use the same email address for all contact. IMPORTANT: provide us with the catalogue number on every communication and name the file accordingly. (Artist initials - your postcode- your own reference 4 digit numerical and what the file is. For example if your band name was "David's Example Text" Your postcode was LZ88 8ZB and this was your first release, which you number 0101. Your subject heading on all emails would be as follows: DET/LZ88ZB/0101 . After which all files you send in relation to that order should be labelled DET/LZ88ZB/0101 (Be sure to name the files with a description of what they are e.g.  front cover, back cover, label, etc).
This allows us to track your order progression, chase any missing paperwork and notify you promptly about deliveries) If your order is  a bespoke order which cannot be purchased through the website simply email us with your request and we will email you back with your order number to obtain more details. 

Q: I'm not in the UK and trying to put through an international order. The checkout is saying postage is 10000 is that correct?
A: We have intentionally done this to prompt you to email us. Because of Brexit we require more information from you than our standard checkout allows. Please send us a message including your location and post/zip code. We will email you back with a postage quote, customs information form and a payable invoice.

Q: Do you cut on pressed vinyl 
A: The material we cut is not the same polyvinyl chloride used for pressing, though it is equally as durable. Our discs are similar to pressed vinyl in many ways, but allows direct cutting with minimum surface noise when heated and it is 100% recyclable unlike PVC making it a more sustainable product. Direct cutting into pressed vinyl results in unacceptably high levels of surface noise. You may notice that the discs themselves are more flexible than pressed records but this actually make them less likely to break. 

Q: What is a lathe cut record?   
A: Our lathe cut records are made by using a diamond needle to cut the music into our discs in real time. This ensures every record is checked for errors as it is cut as well as carrying out spot checks using a microscope. The sound quality will be similar to that of pressed vinyl however our records are handmade with recyclable materials rather than machine pressed into soft lacquer.  If you have not had a lathe cut before or are unsure of what the finished product sounds and looks like, we recommend buying a single disc as a test.

Q: What about coloured Vinyl 
A: We produce our own coloured blanks. They are also 100% recyclable. Available colours are listed but we are adding new colours and experimenting all the time so if there is a colour you would like us to try and produce let us know 

Q: Do you do picture discs?
A: Contact us to discuss your order please.

Q: What is the sound quality like? Will it sound like digital?
A: In our opinion the fact that our vinyl are cut in a controlled environment, after being assessed by our qualified producer for tweaks and enhancements, usually results in the audio sounding the same as or even better than traditional pressed vinyl. Though much depends on the quality of the provided master. With Creature Custom however our producer  will listen to each track sent and would rather send you a note on improvements that need to be done to a master before cutting, than just running your order anyway. He's got a rep of being a  bit of a perfectionist that way. If he emails you the adjustments needed, you can pop it back to us once they've been corrected and we'll get your order running. Vinyl has a tendency to sound warmer than digital. You may also notice some slight high-frequency loss if your sounds contain very loud high frequencies.

Q: Do you cut records in stereo or mono.
A: Good news! our lathe can cut both !

Q: How much audio can you fit on each side?

Our 12 inch vinyl can record 18 to 22 minutes at 33rpm each side depending on the variables in your tracks. 

Q: Can you cut 78 RPM 
A: We cut in 33 rpm and 45 rpm as standard we can do 78 rpm by special request but the order will take longer to complete

Q: How should my music be mixed?
A: Be sure your mix and mastering engineers are industry professionals and are made aware the master is being cut to vinyl they know what to do as the industry standard.

Q: Do you offer mastering services?

A: Mastering an audio file for CD, digital upload, etc. is very different for mastering to vinyl. Our company has it's own recording studios and offers generic mastering services at a standard rate (click here for details). However if your original master meets the requirements the master to vinyl and any slight adjustments needed will be free.  Please note: if your master does not meet requirements you are under no obligation to have your generic master done by us. This isn't a sale, we are here to help. Just pop our producers notes to the company that mastered your track and ask them to make the adjustments before sending the audio back.

Q: What Format Should I Use?
A: We prefer WAVs (we can use other methods for one off single discs, but this is best practise at our gaff and allows us to speed up your order! )

Q: Is there a minimum order? 
A: No. However ordering in bundles of 10 is substantially cheaper than ordering discs as a single item. 

Q: Is there a maximum order?
A: Because the discs are hand cut individually we would take a maximum order of 100 (10 x 10 bundles). We can take larger orders but it will need to be by prior arrangement. This is because the fulfilment times would be increased across our service. Also because we only like to use the sharpest of diamonds to cut with we'd need to ensure we have dedicated stock ready. Please give us an email with your requirements before ordering.

Q: We are a record label can we have several runs cut?
A: Absolutely! If you want to pay in advance to have multiple runs cut  and releases throughout the year contact us and we'll do you a discount. Please ensure you read our section on copyrights below.

Q: Do you provide samples 
A: Unfortunately because all of our discs are individually handmade it is too expensive and labour intensive to do this. However we do test cut and give feedback if their is a problem with your run before committing the entire order.  We also recommend ordering a single disc to try if you are unsure.

Q: Do you offer publishing administration and distribution?
A: For our clients yes! For distribution we have two physical spaces, our record shop in Tredegar and our partner Venue in Swansea. We also distribute online here on the website and we can set up distribution through companies such as Amazon etc.  Please give us a call or email to discuss publishing deals. Also check out our Affiliates page for radios station and fanzine reviews we will be adding more over the coming months.

Q: What do I need to send in regards to legal copyright paperwork (Royalty Ownership/Mechanical Licences/PRS/Artwork)
A:  It depends on what your using them for we can make a vinyl for personal use without issue as long as you are not sharing or selling it commercially or playing it to the public as a DJ for instance, the physical copy you own has been paid for and is a bona fide copy not a pirate. Paid for digital downloads are acceptable but access to Spotify or similar platforms would not cover you legally and we would not be able to produce the disc for you.  
If you are ordering vinyl for commercial sale and distribution the information you will need to send will depend on whether or not:-
You are signed, (PRS AP1/AP2 Licence or Authorisation licence from your label/publisher if you are not a PRS member) 
Unsigned artist/band not signed to a label or PRS ( Simple Creature Custom Authorisation form after payment )
(If you are unsigned and looking for a record label, publisher &/or distributor contact us)
Band/artist using a cover song (LM/AP2 licence) 
DJ using other peoples works in a mix (LM/AP2 licence). If you are ordering from abroad you will need documents as above or the equivalent alternative from the country's  CMO where your works are registered)
Please note: Creature Sound Records Stamp the company name on to every disc produced with a unique makers mark to monitor copyright this is non negotiable and  any company offering cutting or reproduction service can not supply your order legally without the above documents being provided. To keep our company from being prosecuted for copyright infringement we will need the documents before completing your order. If you have works registered with PRS or your country of origins collections agency please enquire about the fees for obtaining your licence beforehand . Alternatively if your  works are  with PRS but not signed to a publisher or label speak to us and we may be able help you obtain them  for you) If your works are not registered with PRS it's a simple process of signing  a form with no fees.
In regards to Artwork as per our terms and conditions you must complete a Creature Custom form to say you own the original works or if not provide a copy of the licence to use the works from the copyright holder.
Please refer to our terms and conditions of service.

Q: What about IRSC codes/ UPC & EAN-1 barcodes?
A: If you have your IRSC/ UPC or EAN-1 barcode already please put them on the form we will provide you with once you complete your order. If you do not have an IRSC code or UPC/EAN-1 code speak to us about providing one and/or offering publishing services. (NB: it's best practise to get your barcodes from a registered vendor)

Q: What's included in my order?
A: All our prices include your choice of colour in 2mm vinyl, fully printed centre labels and either a clear PVC wallet or plain coloured sleeve. The price you see is the price you get. We do offer picture discs and alternative thickness of record on request.

Q: What about packaging? Can you provide printed covers and labels?
A: Yes! we have industrial printers using latex ink (which is more environmentally friendly than solvents). Templates for your album art and labels can be found on our artists resource page. Select the printed album covers on the Creature Custom page and add it to your basket with your vinyl order. If ordering in bundles of 10 please ensure your printed cover order matches the correct quantity. Labels come as part of your package just send us the completed template. (Please note that once your artwork is sent Creature Sound Records Ltd will not be held liable for any printing mistakes so please check your design carefully)

Q: I don't have my own album art or I don't have the technical skills to use your templates can you do this for me?
A. On our Creature Custom page you will find a link to our affiliates at Sinistar. They will be able to quote you an additional fee for design and/or template assistance and send us your preapproved design. (Please note that once approved by you and sent to us by Sinistar, Creature Sound Records Ltd will not be held liable for any printing mistakes so please check your design carefully)

Q: I'm a DJ can I use your records for scratching
A: We've had our discs tested and can happily say the results are the same as pressed records

Q: What about back cueing?
A: We've had our disc tested and the results are the same as pressed records.

Q: What are your postage charges, do you ship internationally and what are the details regarding delivery?
A: We use a signed for tracked royal mail service inland in the U.K. and DHL for shipments over seas. Our website will automatically calculate the shipping for you before check out unless you have emailed with a bespoke order .
If you have made a bespoke order we will reply with a quote for shipping fees. Please note there maybe a surcharge from royal mail if you live in remote areas such as the highlands or the surrounding islands.
If your package is being shipped internationally their may be a customs charge depending on the destination and also due to Brexit. We will email you to confirm all the details on the custom forms are correct to ensure your package is not held up. All of our packages are tracked and fully insured. (Because of Covid 19 some couriers are experience delays Creature Sound will do everything we can to chase your delivery if this ever happens but we can not be held liable if the courier is delayed)

Q: Can I waive the postage and collect from your premises
A: Yes by appointment only just send us an email instead of ordering through the website checkout. We'll confirm your order, let you know when it's ready to collect and have you sign a receipt to show you have picked up your goods. You will need to bring a form of photo ID upon collection and due to Covid 19 you must adhere to the restrictions in our area when you attend, (Please note during government lockdowns collecting vinyl is not a reasonable excuse according to law enforcement for individuals that reside outside our local area. In the event you have order for collection and cannot do so please contact us for an invoice for delivery.)

Q:Where are you based?
A: Creature Customs Record Store at 30 Church Street, Tredegar, Wales (UK), NP22 3DP  (Please note collection is NOT available from our partner venue Creature Sound in Swansea.)

Q: How are you mitigating the risk of Covid 19 transmission?
A: All our products are treated with an anti-static solution that is naturally anti-microbial. The staff packing your vinyl ready for postage also handle your product wearing masks and gloves. We use globally recognise courier companies who have stringent Covid 19 policies of their own and any customers collecting from the premises can only do so by appointment with distancing measures in place.